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Little electro technician Kemo B172
Deftness game electronic project kit - Kemo B081
Kemo B092 LED Alternating Flasher LED Electronic Project Kit
Kemo S093 LED Creative Set LED's and Resistors 70pcs
Kemo L010 Piezo Loudspeaker
£4.39 (£3.66 Excl. VAT)
Kemo L010 Piezo LoudspeakerKemo Electronic
Sold out
Kemo M040N Universal preamplifier module
Kemo A200 Circuit Board Etching Kit
£11.48 (£9.57 Excl. VAT)
Kemo A200 Circuit Board Etching KitKemo Electronic
Sold out
Kemo B197 Relay Card Switch 3A Electronic Project Kit
Integrated Circuit IC Selection Kemo S012 Assorted Mixed Values 20pc
Kemo B214 ultrasonic proximity sensor Electronic Project Kit
Kemo B015 5W Foghorn Generator Electronic Project Kit
copper stripboard 160x100mmKemo E003 Experimental Prototype Strip Board - stripboard Vero board FR2 100x160mm
Kemo M034N 40W Power Amplifier ModuleKemo M034N 40W Power Amplifier Module
£19.50 (£16.25 Excl. VAT)
Kemo M034N 40W Power Amplifier ModuleKemo Electronic
Only 2 units left
Kemo M031N 3.5W Universal Amplifier ModuleKemo M031N 3.5W Universal Amplifier Module
PCB Etchant Sodium Persulphate Kemo A100
TRIAC thyristors assortment selection Kemo S107 Mixed Values 20pc

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